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Country Company/Organization Name Position/Department
Australia RMIT University Dr. Sylvester Abanteriba Professor, Propulsion Systems
School of Aerospace, Mechanical  and Manuf. Eng.
Australia University of Adelaide, Adelaide Dr. Adrian Bradbrook Faculty of Law
Australia RMIT University Dr. Aleksandar Subic Professor, Dean of Engineering
College of Science, Engineering and Health
Australia RMIT University Dr. AliakbarAKbarzadeh Professor, School of Aerospace,
Mechanical, and Manuf. Engineering.
Australia Curtin University of Technology Dr.  Mose O. Tade Professor, Dean of Engineering
Australia University of New South Wales
Sydney, Australia
Dr. Noor Alam Ahmed Professor, Head of Aerospace Engineering, UNSW.
Australia RMIT University Dr. Xinghuo Yu Professor, Founding Director of Platform Technologies Research Institute
Austria Vienna International center Dr. Rainer Kaulfersch Engineering Industries Branch UNIDO
Bahrain University of Bahrain Dr. Eng. Mohammed J. K. Alghatam President
Bahrain Energy Research Center Dr. Ali Al-Karaghouli Director
Country Organisation Name Position/Department
Bahrain Engineering and Technical Services Department Banagas Mr. Mukesh Beri Manager
Bahrain Ministry of Oil and Industry H.E. Sheikh Essa Bin Ali Al-Khalifa Minister
Bangladesh Bangladesh Council of Scientific & Industrial Research Dr. A. M. Hasan A. Khan Institute of Fuel Research and Development
University of Engineering & Organisation Dr. M. A. Rashid Sarkar
Dept. Mechanical Eng.
Barbados Caribbean Development Bank Dr. Jeffrey Dellimore Manager - Technology & Energy Unit
Belgium Hydrocarbons&RenewableEnergy Sources Programme Dr. EnzoMillich Directorate General Energy
Brazil Centro de TechnologiaUFPb Dr. Pio Lobo Professor
Brazil Petrobras, Exploration & Production Dept. Dr. Daniel Nunes de Miranda Filho Manager
Canada CJS Technology Inc. Dr. Caijun Shi President
Canada National Research Council of Canada Dr. Ashwani Kumar Institute for Chemical Process & Environmental Technology
Canada Ryerson Polytechnic University Dr. Marc A. Rosen Department of Mechanical Engineering
Canada Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres Dr. Tapan K Bose Hydrogen Research Institute
Country Organisation Name Position/Department
Canada Memorial University University of Regina Dr. A. M. Martin Dr. Gordon Huang Department of Biochemistry Faculty of Engineering
China Northeast China Institute of Electrical Power Engineering Dr. Xiumin Jiang Senior Reseacher
Denmark Adborg University Dr. Henrik Lund Department of Development and Planning
Egypt National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics Dr. MosalamShaltout Senior Researcher
Egypt Zagazig Uiversity Dr Gawad Professor of Computational Fluid Mechanics, Dept. of Mechanical Power Engineering
Egypt Building Research Center Dr. Mona Fanny Researcher
Egypt National center for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Control Dr. Mohamed Salama Chairman
Eritrea Ministry of Energy and Mines Dr. SemereHabtetsion Director
Estonia Estonian Energy Research Institute Dr. Ylo Rudi Director
France International Energy Expert Dr. Jean-Marie Bourdaire Researcher
Georgia Scientific Energy Centre of Georgia Dr. Givi K. Kokhreidze Manager
Germany German Aerospace Center DLR Dr. Bernhard Milow Energy and Transport Programs
Germany Fachhochschule Aachen Dr.-Ing. Thpmas Esch Professor, Faculty of Engineering
Country Organisation Name of Fellow Position Deapartment
Germany German Aerospace Center DLR Dr. Franz Trieb Institute of Technical Thermodynamics
Country Organisation Name Position/Department
Germany Solar Millennium AG Dr. Ing. HennerGladen Manager
Country Organisation Name Position/Department
Guinea-Bissau Africom Ltd. Mr. FilintoVaz Martins Researcher
Hong Kong University of Hong Kong Dr. K. Sumathy Department of Mechanical Engineering
India Center for Energy Studies Dr. Narendra Kumar Bansal Researcher
India Center for Energy Studies Dr. Tara Chandra Kandpal Researcher
India Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources Mr. Pradeep Chandra Pant Senior Scientific Officer
Country Organisation Name Position/Department
India Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Dr. H. P. Garg Centre for Energy Studies
Iraq College of Science, University of Baghdad Prof. Dr. C. K. J. Al-Ani Dean
Iraq College of Engineering, Mosul University Dr. Wagah F. Mohamad Professor
Country Organisation Name of Fellow Position/Department
Island National Energy Authority Dr. ThorkellHelgason Director General
Japan Electrochemical Laboratory Dr. Eiichi Endo Manager
Japan Tohoku University Dr. T. S. Satoh Department of Aeronautics and Space Engineering
Jordan University Dr. Omar Badran Researcher
Country Organisation Name Position/Department
Kenya Institute for Energy and Environmental Technology Dr. Stephen Gaya Agong Director
Kenya Jumo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Dr. Frederick NgaloOnyango Deputy Vice Chancellor Research
Kuwait Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries Dr. M. Moulchtar Director of Technical Affairs Department
Kyrgyz Republic Center of the problems Renewable Energy Sources Allocation Dr. A. J Obozov Director
Lebanon Solar Energy Research Center,
Dr. M. B. Quaida Researcher
Lebanon USCWA for Western Asia Dr. Hedayat-Allah Gari Energy Issues Sections/ENRED
Country Organisation Name Position/Department
Malaysia Universiti Putra Malaysia, Selangor Dr. Md. Abul Hossain Mollah Faculty of Engineering
Country Organisation Name of Fellow Position/Department
Malaysia Universiti Tenaga National Ir. Dr. Abd Halim Shamsudin Professor, Director Centre for  Renewable Energy
Morocco Institute Agronomic Veterinary , Rabat Dr. Ahmed Benaini Researcher
Namibia University of Namibia, Winhoek Dr. Earle Taylor Researcher
Country Organisation Name of Member Position/Department
New Zealand University of Waikato, Hamilton Dr. Barry Barton Lecturer/School of Law
Poland Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute, Krakow Dr. Lidia Gawlik Department of Fossil Fuels and Energy Research
Romania Romanian Academy of Sciences, Bucharest Dr. Magdalena Momirlan Senior Researcher
Romania Technical University of Timisora, Timisoara Dr. Francisc Gyulai Wind Energy Research Center
Russia Energo-Invest, Yarosiavi Dr. Igor I. Samkhan Director
Saudi Arabia King Fadh University of petroleum and Minerals, Dhahrain Dr. Abdulghani Al-Farayedhi Administrator
Singapore Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Secretariat, Singapore Dr. Yang Yafei Director (Program)
Singapore Crossfields Asia Pacific, Singapore Dr. Deepak L. Waikar Engineering Consulting
Switzerland World Meteorological Organization Prof. G.O.P Obasi Secretary-General
Country Organisation Name of fellow Position/Department
Syria The Arab Academy of Sciences,
Dr. Adnan Mustafa Chairman
Taiwan Yuan Ze University, Tayuan Dr. S. H. Chan President
Tajikistan State Joint Holding Company, Dushanbe Dr. Petrov G. Nikolaevich Administrator
Thailand Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok Dr. S. C Bhattacharya Energy Program
Tunisia National School of Engineering of Tunis, Tunis Dr. A. S. Bouazzi Professor
UK The University of Nottingham, Notingham Dr. Mohamed B. Gadi, School of Built Environment
UK World Renewable Energy Network, Dr. Ali Sayigh Director General
Ukraine Institute for Problems of Material Science of UAS, Ukraine Dr. D. V. Shur Senior Scientific Researcher
United Arab Emirates Government of Fujairah Dr. Salem Khalil Technical Advisor
USA Global Energy Network International, 1250 sixth Avenue,
San Diego, CA
Mr. Peter Meisen President
USA Geothermal Resources Council Mr. Ted Clutter Executive Director
USA Law School, Pace University, White Plains, New York Prof. Richard Ottinger Professor
Country Organisation Name of Fellow  
USA American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, Boulder CO Mr. Howard Geller Position/Department Executive Director
USA Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL Dr. Shen-Lin Chang Researcher
USA Argonne National Laboratory Argonne, IL, Dr. Michael Petrick Researcher
USA Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL Dr. Donald A. Hanson Researcher
USA Biodiesel Development Corporation, 111 Sanguaro Mr. Russell Teall Chairman
USA Clean Energy Research Institute Dr. Veziroglu Director
USA Climate Institute, Washington,DC Mr. John C. Topping Jr. President
USA Desert Research Institute, NV Dr. Roger L. Jacobson Deputy Director
USA Duke Solar, Raleigh NC Mr. Gilbert E. Cohen Vice President of Engineering
USA Environmental Resources Management, Houston Texas Mr. Richard C. Bost Researcher
USA Executive Director Dr. Michael Lynch Executive Director
USA Florida Solar Energy Centre,
Cocoa, Fl
Blanche M. Sheinkopf Researcher
USA Greenstar, Westlake, Village Dr. Charles Gay Vice President
USA International Energy Associates Inc., Chevy Chase Dr. Herman T. Franssen President
Country Organisation Name of Fellow Position/Department
USA Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA Dr. Sally Benson Researcher
USA Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley Dr. Jim Bishop Earth Sciences
USA Los Alamos National Laboratory Dr. G. Loren Toole Researcher
USA Massachusetts Institute of Technology Dr. Michael C. Lynch Centre for International Studies
Country Organization Name Position/Department
USA National Energy Technology Center, Pittsburgh Dr. Thomas Dorchak Researcher
USA National Energy Technology Laboratory, Pittsburg PA Dr. James Ekmann Office of Systems and Environmental Analysis
USA National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Colorado Dr. Lawrence L. Kazmerski National Center for Photovoltaics
Country Organisation Name Position/Department
USA National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Colorado Dr. Ralph Overend Manager
USA Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA Dr. Gary Jacobs Researcher
USA Pacific Economic Cooperation Council, Washington D. C. Mr. Stephen D. Burns Deputy Director
USA Virginia Tech,
Blacksburg, VA
Dr. Javid Bayandor Associate Professor,  Department of Mechanical Engineering
Country Organisation Name of Fellow Position/Department
USA Purdue University Calumet Dr. TomaHentea Faculty of Engineering
USA Sandia National Energy Laboratories,Albuquerque Dr. Gregory D. Wyss Risk, Reliability and Modeling Department
USA Texaco Energy Systems Inc.
Houston, Texas
Mr. John M. Brady Vice President - Technology Development
USA Texas A&M University, Texas Dr. Yassan A. Hassan Professor
USA U.S. Country Studies Program,
Dr. Jerry Pell Manager
USA University of South Carolina, Dr. W. Davis Folsom Researcher
USA US Department of Energy, Washington, D.C. Dr. Thomas Grahame Office of Fossil Fuels
USA US Department of Energy, Washington Dr. Peter Salmon-Cox Office of Industrial Technologies, EE-20
USA US-DOE office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Washington D. C.
Mr. Richard Bradshaw Manager
USA  Director, Computing Resources,
Bellaire TX
Mr. Richard Deans Director of Computing Resources

Nominations for Fellowships should be sent to the Chairman, Board of directors, 124 Latrobe street, Melbourne, Victoria 3001, Australia or e-mailed to